Riverdale Country Day School - Bertino Field


 Bertino is a turf field and is on the Riverdale Country School campus, located at 5250 Fieldston Road in the Bronx.  This field is used for full-sided travel games. 

All visitors must park on Fieldston Road outside the main gates.  Enter through the main gate and walk straight through to the back the campus and down the steps to the field.  No cars should be parked on West 253rd Street, just outside Bertino field, under any circumstances (drop-offs are permitted).  Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The groundskeeper’s house is near the corner of the field.  It is a private residence.  Please respect its privacy and don’t go onto the porch.


Because of construction, there are currently no bathroom facilities at the field.  There is no building access under any circumstances, this includes to use the bathrooms. The campus is closed on weekends. If you find an open door, please do not enter any building looking for bathrooms. The school will consider this a trespass.

Rules Specific to RCDS Fields

  1. All spectators should use the bleacher area to watch games and/or practices. No Spectators should be on the turfed level.
  2. No food is allowed on the turf, under any circumstances.
  3. The only equipment that can be moved is soccer goals. Any equipment that is moved should be returned to the original location, once your game is finished.
  4. All children should be supervised and remain in the bleachers; no climbing on goals, nets, football equipment, etc.
  5. If there is a Riverdale Country School team using the field when you arrive, please instruct your group to remain off the field until the Riverdale Country School team is finished.
  6. No pets allowed on the field.
  7. No gum chewing allowed on the field.
  8. No stakes can be driven into the field.
  9. The football equipment and Field Hockey goals should not be used for any reason.
  10. Soccer Goals should be stored on each end of the field, when games are finished. The yellow weighted bags should always be used to secure the goals.
  11. Pick up all of the trash.

Any violation of these rules can result in immediate dismissal from the grounds and the cancellation of remaining scheduled dates. If something is broken, appears missing, or if you need help, please alert Mike Galligan (917-685-9323) or John Pizzi (646-469-5444).