Become a Teen Referee

West Side Soccer League is looking always looking to provide rewarding volunteer experience to willing and interested young people. Teen referees, once trained, can ref as little or as much as they like, choose games and age groups that work with their schedule and level of comfort/interest, and earn those critical community service hours. Being a teen referee is lots of fun, teaches leadership skills and offers an important service to the community.

To become a referee, applicants need to take the training outlined below and then they can start refereeing. If they are reluctant to get started after training, they will be paired up with an experienced referee for an initial game or two in U6-U8. The mentor referee will go through the process of talking to coaches and kids in the game and on the sideline, monitor the game and answer any questions at the breaks.

Youth referees can officiate games at two levels depending upon their training:

U8 Official, Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness -- These courses are required to referee at the U6, U7 and U8 levels. They are also a prerequisite for taking the Basic Referee class. (minimum age is 10 years old)
Regional Referee Training -- After taking the U8 Official course, this additional course is required to referee at the U9 level and above. At this level teams play with goalkeepers, follow the offside law and we begin using Assistant Referees. (minimum age is 12)

Information on upcoming referee training classes is available here.

To register for the U8 Official or Regional Referee training (both of which MUST be taken in-person and can not be taken online), go to, login and click on "Enroll to take a class". You will be taken to a page that shows all the training available from AYSO. Enter Section 3, Area A in the fields at the top of the page and click Search. You will see a list of all of the classes currently scheduled in New York City. Select the box next to the course name you are interested in (see the roster numbers above) and click on the Course Signup button. This will register you for the class.

Teen referees must meet the age requirements listed above. They can serve as a Center Referee for games with players at least two years younger than they are, or be an Assistant Referee up to their own age level. Note that service credits are earned both for refereeing as well as the hours spent in the training classes. Teen referees will need to take at least two games to get credit for classes.

For a Schedule of games league-wide, click here.

For more information or for help getting involved, please contact John Drayton, Youth Referee Program Director.

Instructions for Signing Up as a Youth Referee

Part 1: Register as a Youth Referee with West Side Soccer League

  1. Youth volunteers must be added to the families of their parents. They cannot create accounts on their own. Existing "standalone" youth volunteers are grandfathered in, but any new youth account must be added to the family profile of an existing user, which means parents have to log in and add them. This is because AYSO requires that we send the related adult information with the youth volunteer record.

    To add a teen ref, log into your wssl in-league account and click on Player and Volunteer Registration from the menus at the top of the page. That will take you to your family's profile.

  2. In the left box called User Account and Volunteer Registration, you will see a button to add a new user - click on that button.
  3. Complete the requested information for the teen referee. Under volunteer options, select "Referee" (there is no longer a box to check teen ref as the system will automatically recognize your teen as a teen ref based on the birthdate).

Part 2: Sign Up on the WSSL Schedule for Games You Would like to Referee

  1. Log into your newly created WSSL account using the email and password you entered as part of the volunteer registration.
  2. Click "Referees" from the top menus.
  3. Select "Referee Schedule Sign Up" from the options.
  4. Find a game you want and click "Open".
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Submit Assignment Requests".
  6. Congratulations! You have done it! You are a highly valued member of the WSSL team and Referee Corps!
  7. Please contact the Teen Referee Coordinator or a Chief Referee for your division if your plans change. It is your responsibility to update your schedule if your plans change.