Register for a Coach Course


Register with WSSL and Complete a Background Check

All referees and assistant referees must be registered with AYSO national. This is done by updating your adult profile on your WSSL in-league account. After logging in, click on Player and Volunteer Registration from the top menus. That will take you to your family profile page. Update the adult profile for the volunteer and check the volunteer box for Coach or Assistant Coach.

Backgrounds are checked by Sterling Volunteers, a vendor hired by AYSO national, to ensure the safety of our children. Your information will not be shared with any third party. To initiate a background check, press the green button that appears next to your name in your wssl in league account profile.

If you are having trouble with your volunteer registration, please contact our Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate at

Register for an in-person Coach Course

All coaches MUST register online at to receive credit for the course. If you don't register, there is no way to credit your certifications.  To register for a coaching class:

  1. Go to and log in using the same credentials as you do to log into your wssl in-league account
  2. Click on "In-Person Courses" from the top menus
  3. Choose "Coach Instructor Led Courses" by clicking on the blue "Open" button to the right of the item. You will see a list of all available in-person coach courses.
  4. Choose the coach course you want to take (e.g. 6U) and click the blue "Open" button once again. On the next page you will again see the course and to the right there will be a blue button marked "sessions" - click the blue button. It will unfortunately display every course in the country (believe us, we wish it didn't).
  5. Scroll down and just look for the date we are offering the training and then look for the WSSL course. All of our courses will say "West Side Soccer League" or "3/A/611" (which is our section, area and region) in the title.
  6. Click on the blue 'Register" button. To get the details for the class (time and place and requirements), click on the course name. The details will expand below the entry.

Online Safe Haven, CDC Concussion, and Coach Courses

The safe haven and CDC concussion courses are offered only online.

The 6U, 8U and 10U courses are also offered online. As there are specific WSSL nuances, we recommend all coaches take the in-person course. However, if you are not able to attend in-person, you may take the course online and take the in-person field session the following season. The 12U and Intermediate coach classes are only offered in-person. 

To take a course online:

  1. Go to and log in using the same credentials as you do to log into your wssl in-league account
  2. Click on "Online Courses" from the top menus
  3. Choose the coach course you want to take (e.g. 6U, Safe Haven, CDC Concussion) and click the blue "Open" button to the right. 
  4. Click the blue "Launch" button to begin the online training.

For Safe Haven and Coach courses, all modules for each course must be taken for the course to be considered complete.