Free Core Weekday Training Program

Led by Top Professional Soccer Coaches from Local Colleges  

WSSL is very fortunate to have a team of experienced and passionate professional coaches who have worked extensively with children, but also coach at the high school and college levels. Our team will conduct skill-building activities designed to let your child play their game, to learn and to explore the endless possibilities of soccer. They will also facilitate small sided games each week. The sessions are offered during both Fall and Spring seasons. Sessions are FREE to players registered in WSSL for the given season.

  1. All participants must be registered in the core recreational league for the current season.
  2. Your child must arrive on time as each session has a particular flow that is meant to build on itself for the player's benefit.
  3. An adult must be on site and ready to pick up your child 15 minutes before the session is scheduled to end, or earlier if the weather is iffy.
  4. All players must wear sneakers or turf shoes, shinguards and proper soccer socks over their shin guards and must bring their own ball and personal water. No cleats.

Inclement Weather

All sessions will operate in the rain, but not if there is lightning or if it is completely torrential. Intermittent rain and constant drizzle are considered good conditions. Please check the FIELD STATUS page before heading to the field each week.


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