High School Tryouts

West Side Soccer League holds open tryouts for its high school travel teams once a year each Spring.  Players may participate whether they are currently active in West Side Soccer League's Core, Tournament, Travel programs or another organization. The 2024-25 soccer year open tryouts have concluded. Information regarding next year's tryouts will be posted sometime in early spring 2025.

We welcome all players who are seeking to compete at a higher level to come try out! We may also conduct callbacks or small tryouts, as necessary, by invitation.

Note: Current ROSTERED WSSL High School travel players do NOT need to sign up for the tryouts. Your place and / or possible promotion will be determined by trainer evaluation during practice and matches over the fall and spring seasons. All NEW players to WSSL high school travel or tournament must try out, including players wanting to move from the tournament program to travel and all players wanting to move from U14 travel to high school travel.

For a description of our travel and tournament team programs, please click on the menu option for each under “Programs” on our website. We also have an FAQ that explains the different programs: https://www.wssl.org/programs/program-faq/